The best MMORPGs for 2020?


We offer here, the ranking of the best MMORPGs 2020. The top 10 of the best role-playing games with download or playable directly from a web browser. For 2020, we have selected for you the MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role-playing games most anticipated by gamers. You will find in this top something to allow you to spend pleasant moments.

The best online role-playing games continue to evolve to the delight of gamers. Editors and developers have not hesitated to make adjustments and add content. The publishers have taken the reviews into consideration in order to deliver even more immersive games.

In this top, find the best games for 2020 with the new games and the old ones that have benefited from an upgrade, concerning gameplay, content and graphics.

Top 10 MMORPGs 2020

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games are constantly evolving to provide players with solid gameplay and exceptional graphics. Publishers want to effectively meet the expectations of gamers with content-rich online role-playing games.

In 1st place of these top games, we find Raid: Shadow Legends available on PC or Mac. An online role-playing game based on combat and adventure. It will take strategy to multiply the victories.

In 2nd position is the Sovereign of the Dragons with its spectacular graphics. A must-see game in 2020. Players are immersed in a fantastic and heroic universe. This game highlights dungeons, fights, and quests.

The 3rd game in this top is Rise of Angels. An online role-playing game that emphasizes the fantasy genre. It is available without downloading. In Rise of Angles, players must bring peace and prosperity to a world of evil.

Game Of Thrones Winter is Coming is the 4th game in our ranking. A strategy and management game where players evolve in the world of the famous Game of Throne series. You play as Daenerys, Arya, John Snow or even Margaery as a warrior or mage.

In number 5, Vikings: War of Clans, one of the most anticipated role-playing games of 2020. This online game has all the advantages of an excellent online role-playing game. It’s free. Strategy and battles are on the program.

League Of Angels 3 is in 6th position. This third version of League Of Angels features some interesting improvements. There will be countless quests. This new game is arguably the best in the League Of Angles saga.

In number 7, Tentlan, a game that takes place in the pre-Columbian period. This game takes players to the beginning of the Mayan civilization. The players are immersed in the heart of the jungle.

In 8th position, Ultimate Pirates, a new role-playing game based on the world of pirates. Go on an adventure to conquer the sea. A strategic and thrilling game that allows you to fight other players or play against machines.

In 9th position, Aura Kingdom adopts a fantastic manga genre. An excellent online game where player cooperation is essential. The hero becomes more powerful as the bosses are eliminated.

To finish this top, in 10th position we find Bloody Rules. A game that combines strategy and management available for the web browsers. Players will have to command a gangster team to take on more fierce gangs.

We could also continue with titles like: Neverwinter, Watch Dogs: Legion, League of Angels Heaven’s Fury or Gods & Monsters and also Anocris…

The MMORPG 2020 and 2021

We decided to make a top of the best MMORPGs because this genre of games is constantly evolving. We have taken into account various elements such as handling and graphics. Remember that these online role-playing games are also available on smartphones. Stay connected to follow all the news that we will be sure to offer you!

The universe of these types of games continues to surprise fans of this type of game. Developers are constantly trying to provide content that meets the needs of the general public.