The 10 connected objects that will improve your comfort


Communicating with household appliances is no longer a luxury reserved for the upper class. From cooking to household chores, including household electrification, sound system, indoor temperature control, security… you can control everything at home thanks to home automation without having to move. Of course, you can connect absolutely everything at home. Only, are they all essential? In this article, we present the 10 connected objects that will improve your comfort.

1. Connected surveillance cameras

Home security being of major importance, it is undoubtedly one of the areas of predilection for home automation. The camera connected by home automation, essentially provides 3 functions inherent in the surveillance and protection of any household. This concerns the simulation of presence in the home, the automatic and rapid alert of the owners or the police authorities, as well as the automatic triggering of the security measures such as the alarm and the locking of the doors.

They offer features such as facial recognition , exact identification of people sent directly to the owner on a smartphone, day and night vision , programmable recordings, siren, and the ability to communicate with all visitors via speakers.

2. Connected electrical outlets

Indispensable for any home, connected sockets allow lighting and recharging other devices to be autonomous . If we happen to forget to turn off lamps when we go out, the connected electrical outlets make sure to turn off the lamps in the absence of people and to turn them on again thanks to its presence detectors, or to leave you the do from your smartphone. To date, they are widely used in companies and production plants for good energy efficiency.

3. The connected thermostat

Opting for a connected thermostat allows you to gain comfort and reduce soaring electricity bills. Simple and efficient, a connected thermostat guarantees intelligent and efficient indoor temperature management. It is self-programmed according to your daily habits after a week of rigorous use.

It releases the necessary temperature as soon as you leave the house thanks to the sensors and geolocation data transmitted to your mobile. Apart from the remote management that the connected thermostat offers you, it also informs you about the energy history of your daily consumption, etc.

4. The connected air conditioner

With the air conditioner connected, there’s no need to hesitate between temperatures. This option allows you to intelligently regulate the temperatures in each compartment , depending on the weather , from your smartphone. The geolocation and presence detector features allow you to adjust the air conditioning according to your location in the room. If you forget to turn it off before you leave, it turns off automatically when you leave.


5. The connected watch

Connected watches are becoming more and more essential among the objects used to improve the quality of life at home. With them, home automation is on the wrist. Various models are offered by different companies and support you in monitoring data on your state of health  : heart rate, anxiety, panic, food indigestion, and many others.

6. The connected vacuum cleaner

Now you can dust your interior without having to be present. A connected vacuum cleaner allows you to detect the dirtiest areas as well as the obstacles that stand in front of it thanks to its 3D mapping system. You can also control your robot vacuum cleaner from an application installed on your phone.

7. The connected trash can

This is a revolution in the management of household waste. The connected trash can provides you with better comfort and a healthy living environment.  Once the device is installed on the waste container, your bin will warn you as soon as it is full and will be able to sort waste through the scanning of discarded packaging and recognize food without barcode, thus avoiding the food waste.

The connected trash can also allow you to make an intelligent shopping list according to the items discarded by offering you discount coupons to reduce the cost of your shopping.

8. Connected lighting

When the sunlight declines at dusk the artificial light, certain connected objects are activated thanks to the connected bulbs. The connected bulb kit developed by Philips offers 16 million colors managed through a control box.

When connected to the connected sockets, the connected bulbs turn on automatically when the time comes to illuminate the room according to the degree, depending on the human presence and the distribution of individuals in the house.

They therefore provide hourly programming of lamps , gentle awakenings, mood lights to facilitate concentration, reading, sleep, or simply for good energy savings.

9. The connected scale

Connected scales are one of the essential gadgets for a better life. You are well aware that a connected scale guarantees you improved health. It offers constant weight monitoring on your smartphone and provides you with information on the body mass index. It tells you your daily weather conditions.

10. Wifi connected speakers


Connected speakers allow you to remotely stream music in your home and listen to music remotely from your tablet, smartphone, computer, etc. Equipped with multiple speakers, the multiroom function makes it possible to distribute music via wifi in all the rooms of your house. Unlike portable speakers, wifi connected speakers only work if a WiFi network exists within range, which guarantees better musical quality.

Here ! Here you have the ten connected objects that will revolutionize your daily life. By having them in your home or with you, you are sure to get a much better life and to tire yourself less.