Practical tips to block an anonymous call on Smartphone


Receiving anonymous calls when you are busy at work or sleeping, has the ability to irritate all people. This is especially annoying when the interlocutor does not answer or if the latter just wants to disturb and make a joke. In order to put an end to these acts and no longer be subject to them, there are practical means which will definitively cancel the transfer of communication.

Block calls simply with smartphone features

If the hidden numbers can be transferred in the call, it is however feasible to intercept them to classify them undesirable. In most cases, Android-type mobiles have options that can permanently cancel unwanted telephone calls. There are alternatives for blocking an anonymous call on the Smartphone. Indeed, each version has been configured so that the user can trigger blocking mode at any time. However, the operations may vary from one phone to another. But most of the versions are usually configured as follows:

  • you must enter the “Menu” tab,
  • then go to the “Call settings” option. Once arrived in this functionality, it is necessary to click on ”  reject call”
  • It is then advisable to activate the automatic rejection mode then to select the list of automatic rejections and to access “Hidden calls”.

Once these steps have been taken, no unknown calls will appear on the Android screen again. However, if that doesn’t work, and it might be noticed, there are other ways to work around the problem.

Opt for anonymous call filtering applications to block unknown transfers

When the interlocutor insists strongly, it is advisable to answer and then encourage the person not to call again. For example, if Android does not have an automatic locking system, it is recommended to download an application for filtering hidden calls that can help the mobile to block unknown incoming calls and thus no longer be bothered all the time. Among the most appreciated and used are the “Blacklist” and “Easy Blocking of Calls and SMS” which are free applications or the “Extreme Call Blocker” which is chargeable, but very effective.