Mobile application development: a real support for companies


The mobile applications have emerged with the arrival of the smartphone, true pocket computer support, adopted by more and more consumers, both for personal and professional use. Today the face of these applications has changed, and if the first were for purely recreational use, today the app has become a support for companies, which even replaces websites, with some additional advantages. Indeed, a mobile application can offer different interactivity, with more functionalities, thus making this support more original, fun, fun, and practical for users.

A real communication medium

Many agencies are now offering to develop a quality mobile application for professionals, this is the case in particular with Romeo, which is a pioneer in this field.

Some eloquent examples:
– Luxury hotels can notably highlight the Dring Me application, which is intended for customers of these prestigious establishments. A real pocket valet, Dring Me allows you to take advantage of a concierge service, offers ideas for visits to the city of Paris, also gives the opportunity to use your smartphone to make calls via 4G among other features. . It thus considerably improves the service provided to customers, and becomes an asset for luxury hotels in the capital thanks to these high-end services.

– Hello Extra, for its part, is an application intended for catering professionals and potential candidates for extras positions. It is not uncommon for restaurateurs to need additional staff on an ad hoc basis. Recruiting this type of employee is not easy, because it has to be fast, and usually happens at the last moment. Hello, Extra then makes it possible to bring together the candidate and the professional in a few clicks, to facilitate this type of express recruitment.

– People wishing to easily participate in solidarity actions will be able to benefit from the PWC application, allowing them to find missions near their home, classified by theme. Once again, the goal is to facilitate the flow of information.

New technologies

The computer languages ​​used in the creation of mobile applications vary between interfaces. We will therefore not use the same development mode for iOS, which requires an Objective C and Swift language, or Android, which allows the use of Java for the creation of applications. Today, users use a variety of media, thus forcing the agencies that create these applications to adapt and master these different tools, so that the apps are compatible from one interface to another.

The complexity of development, and the great diversity that comes with it, increasingly pushes those who design websites and applications to specialize in one language or another. On the contrary, some choose to remain “generalists” in order to keep a global outlook on the technologies developed and to handle their architecture as a whole.