4 ways to use virtual reality in events


Virtual reality has been on everyone’s lips for a few years now. Very popular with geeks and gamers, companies are also interested in promoting their products. So today we are going to show 4 ways to effectively use virtual reality in professional events of all kinds.

Present products at a trade fair

The majority of companies using event virtual reality use this technique to launch a new product or promote a specific product line. In this, they make VR headsets available to participants and visitors who can then watch the demonstration. The modern side of this strategy contributes to its success. But in addition, the company concerned is no longer obliged to bring the products to be presented on-site. This can be very practical if the articles in question are large or bulky. This practice is more and more common in trade fairs but it is also suitable for fairs and conferences.

Widen the visibility of the corporate event

Some clients or potential partners do not wish to attend professional events. Often they use the lack of time as an objection. Thanks to virtual reality, this excuse no longer holds. While staying at home or at work, or even on vacation, they can fully immerse themselves in your stand or your exhibition halls. In addition to visitors who have come to attend the trade show, fair, or product launch party, you will also have virtual visitors.

Embellish the decor of the event

Avant-garde companies have already tried this method, which is paying off. Indeed, virtual reality and augmented reality allow you to enhance the decor of the place where your company event is held. You just need to call on an expert in VR design in advance to put in place striking animations related to the theme of the event. For the moment, very few brands are exploiting this virtual reality technology. This is a godsend for you. It is even possible to create a buzz with this strategy which still impresses the public.

Engage visitors in VR games

There is virtual reality and augmented reality software that allows every business to craft a game for a business event. It can be a treasure hunt where visitors can participate. Obviously, you really have to place a “treasure” so that the winner does not think you have fooled him. You can offer him a stocked basket, a voucher, etc. Either way, it’s the best way to get visitors engaged with your exhibit and therefore with your brand.